“I have lived so many places that my family and friends said I had to buy them new address books. They had filled the K’s with all my addresses. Now my friends tell me I have never sounded so content, and I am. The managment is great, location perfect, and it is a very friendly community. I have met so many nice people,
made new friends, but simply said, I found home!”

-Pat Kloset-2009

“Very satisfied. I knew what I wanted and found it!”

“Very happy, great friends and neighbors. Everyone is so helpful!

“Enjoy living here very much. Can’t think of going anywhere else.”

“Very happy here, everyone is so friendly and the neighbors look out for me. The office is very nice and helpful!”

“I am very happy her and love the boys(Troy & Todd). Management is Great!”
-Anita Wamsily-2009

“I have resided at Forest Meadow Villas for 20 years. It has been both a pleasure and a lot of fun. I have met a lot of very nice people and made many close friends. The staff is great and always ready to assist you if you need it. The grounds are well maintained and we have a beautiful lake. Please stop by and see for yourself or talk to the staff.”
Norma Mullins-1990

“Looking for a little bit of heaven? Come join us and make your new home at Forest Meadows Villas and become part of tour family beside a beautiful lake and nice surroundings, I did!”
Lois Seahorn-2010

“I have nothing but good things to say about this place!”
Joyce Knuess 2008

“Living at Forest Meadows is where neighbors become friends!”
Alyce Lucas-2007

“We have lived at Forest Meadows Villas for twenty four years. We have been happy here!”
George & Grace Hammon

“Here I am at Forest Meadow Villas my 5th year will be November 1, 2010 and I never thought I would move to begin with….I am so glad I did and have met some wonderful ladies. We all have a lot of fun. Our new staff are moving things in the right direction. They help when its needed.”
Rosine Mellonn-2005